Big Time Drama in the Adjoining Cubicle

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Someone Ate my Freaking Triscuits

Maybe its not the right answer to the question, but its the best one I've overheard in a while.

Accounting Drone #17: CUBEMATE, i'm looking for a copy of the batch from June 14. I have the backup that ANOTHER ACCOUNTING DRONE gave me, but the originals never made it over here, and I'm not sure how to procede with out them. Can you pull your backup and let me have a copy so we can get this processed?

My Cubemate: NO! SOMEONE ATE MY FREAKING TRISCUITS! I'm going to have THE SUPERVISOR get me a lock and I'm locking up all my crap, because they ate my jolly ranchers too. I don't really care about my jolly ranchers, someone could eat those if they were starving--but I hope they choke on them--but it is so not cool to steal my triscuits, especially when I am craving them right now!


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