Big Time Drama in the Adjoining Cubicle

Friday, August 05, 2005

It's not mean if they're ugly.

"So, SOME OFFICE GUY, how many dates do you have this weekend?"

After a little bit of though, I respond: "Seven."

"Seven? How do you do it? My cousin wants me to chill with her this weekend, but I don't want to because she is soo boring."

I perk up my ears. I can see comic gold on the horizon. But before I can respond, OTHER OFFICE GUY'S Cubemate pipes in: "That's not very nice, Cubemate."

"No, it's true. She's really smart though. I used to have her do my homework for me and stuff."

"Just because you're smart you can't be fun?" I ask, offended. After all, I'm smart, and have seven dates this weekend.

"Yeah! She's really ugly too, so it's not like I'm being mean. I'm just honest!"


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