Big Time Drama in the Adjoining Cubicle

Monday, October 17, 2005

Fat girls on laughing gas.

It's 9:01 AM, and Cubemate is, surprisingly enough, not on the phone arguing with one of her dozens of boyfriends. Instead he's sitting in her cubicle, giggling like a drunken 10 year old.

"I am so chubby!!!"

This is followed by more laughter.

Despite the obvious temptation to ask Cubemate for a drink the bottle she must have hidden in her desk, I restraing myself and instead ask "You? Chubby?" Despite eating every 2 seconds, the cubemate is not chubby. If I cared to think about, I suppose it might have something to do with the constant vomiting.

"Yes! Hahahahahaha, I am so fat! Like, I'm a fatty!"

"I want a nitrous oxide tank in my cubicle too."


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