Big Time Drama in the Adjoining Cubicle

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What Really Matters

The Scene: Cubemate, Office Troll, and Some Office Guy are gathered at our cubicles, discussing the recent layoffs.

CUBEMATE: You know, they moved the BURLY MAN-WOMAN TEMP to the OTHER BUSINESS LINE OFFICE to help out over there half time. I Don't think anyone over there knows how to do anything now that they let most of them go.

OFFICE TROLL: Well, you know they brought UNHEALTHY OLD RADIO MAN back because no one knew how to do his job. I didn't think anyone could do his job, and I was right. I wonder if he is back with us full time?

CUBEMATE: And Senior Accountant has been screwing up these recaps from the OTHER BUSINESS LINE office. They didn't train her on how to do it before they let everyone over there go.

OFFICE TROLL: I think if I was making up the list of people to let go, I could have done much better.

SOME OFFICE GUY: But at least the MAJOR CUSTOMER PROJECT LEADER isn't here anymore...

CUBEMATE: Oh, oh oh! I have to interrupt you guys. Did you watch MTV last night? They did this show where they took sixteen year old girls and threw them a birthday party. Those girls dance so much nastier than anything you seen in the clubs. They were all grinding on their little boyfriends and getting all nasty. And did you know that a boy diva is called a Divo? Seriously, there was this little boy who strutted around....


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