Big Time Drama in the Adjoining Cubicle

Friday, November 18, 2005

Whats Under There?

So I'm sitting at my desk, playing with my fancy new iPod when Cubemate decides it's high time to stand up and make an announcement. " Oh! oh! oh! You know what I have to do before I do anything else? I've got to show off my underwear!"

"What did you just say???" I ask, as my head snaps around?

"I said since I'm showing off my underwear, I might as well water the plants." As if that makes it better.

"I'm pretty sure you just said 'OH! oh! oh! I've got to show off my underwear."

About then, the new and incredibly dingy beanie wearing temp wakes up and says "What, Some office Guy, you are showing off your underwear?!?!"

"No, I reply. I'm not showing anything."

"Other Office Guy said you were."

"How did I get involved in this?" Other Office Guy asks.

"Oh yeah!" says cubemate "Some Office Guy and Other Office Guy are so going to show off there underwear!"

"Negative" says Other Office Guy

"Right. This is getting out of hand. Time for me to go home." I say

"What's the matter," replies cubemate, " Oh my god, you're not wearing any, are you?"


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