Big Time Drama in the Adjoining Cubicle

Monday, January 09, 2006


I knew Cubemate was a fan of bowling alley dining, but this is too much.

"Some Office Guy, I got some new shoes this weekend. Well, actually, they're sandals. But I didn't want to get them. The lady at the Trophy Lounge made me buy them,"

"Can you repeat that?"

"I got new sandals."

"No, I mean the part where you got new sandals at a BOWLING ALLEY BAR???"

"Oh yeah, this lady was selling them. They're like sticky sandals. They attach to your feet without straps or anything!"

"Cubemate, you're buying shoes in a bar--a bar in a bowling alley!--there's a reason they're sticky."

"No you don't understand. They were designed that way."

"Did you also buy a Romex? Was she wearing a trenchcoat?"


"Does she steal shoes from homeless people and sell them in the bar?"

"No, she's a sandal distributor. You know, like those ladies that sell candles, or vibrators."

"And she does her business in a bar?"

"Yes, I totally thought it was weird too, but she so talked me into buying them even though I didn't want to. Its like, in the summer she sells lots of sandals, but not so many in the winter because no one is wearing them then."

"No one but the bowling alley crowd, apparently. Let me ask you something: Would you buy homemade burritos from a guy guy who lugged them around in a suitcase at a BOWLING ALLEY BAR??? Because I know of a guy in that line of work, and I'm thinking there's got to be a referral fee in there for me somewhere."

"No, why would I EVER buy burritos in a bar? Or a bowling alley? That's just f*cked up, Some Office Guy."


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