Big Time Drama in the Adjoining Cubicle

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Word Fail me Sometimes

SUPERVISOR'S PET: Hey, Cubemate, do you have any extra nuts?

CUBEMATE: Like pistachios, or peanuts? I might have some almonds.

SUPERVISOR'S PET: No, you know, like nuts. Those things that go on the back of screws.

CUBEMATE: Screws? What are you talking about, you pervert?

SUPERVISOR'S PET: I Need more Nuts for my desk.

CUBEMATE: Oh, if you need stuff for your desk call, what's his name, THE FURNITURE GUY.

SUPERVISOR'S PET; Furniture Guy? Huh? Hey, Some Office Guy, do you have any nuts?


SUPERVISOR'S PET: I don't know what sizes they come in.

SOME OFFICE GUY: I have a toolbox in my truck, let me see the bolt.

SUPERVISOR'S PET show's me a 1/4 bolt.

SOME OFFICE GUY: I don't have anything that would fit that here. Maybe at home.

SUPERVISORS PET: You left your nuts at home?

CUBEMATE: He's always leaving his nut at home.


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