Big Time Drama in the Adjoining Cubicle

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Late Filing Penalty

Cubemate, is back from lunch. You can tell by the high decibel monologue as she walks to her desk from the elevator.

Cubemate: "Oh my God, you guys, we all need to pray for EASY FRIEND. Uh huh, she's going straight to hell. Straight to hell! You wouldn't believe some of the things she was saying!. First she didn't get her tax return yet and it's May 9th, then she didn't get her native check, and that's like 100 shares, so I don't know how much money it was, but its a lot so she was...

Other Office Guy: Wait a second, the IRS sends you to hell for not filing your taxes? Eternal damnation seems a bit excessive a penalty to me.

Cubemate: No she filed her taxes but they didn't give her money yet and now she is saying that all children should die and that the illegal immigrants should be lined up thrown in pits, I can't even tell you all the other stuff she said because its sending her straight to hell and all I could tell her was Karma. Karma karma karma. She's SO going to hell.

Supervisor's Pet: Wait she's shooting kids why? It's not right to shoot kids.

Cubemate: Because she doesn't have any money and she's going out partying all the time. And its not like anyone likes her anyway. She's so going to HELL.


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